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Welcome to SIDCO World Wide

Outsourcing Chinese products for companies


We are the industry leader and expert when it comes to helping companies deal with all aspects of product sourcing from China. We have the facilities to produce advanced products with various industrial applications based on specially developed technology. We are also ready to develop according to users changes and needs. So, take the headache out of trying to deal with the manufacturing, distribution, inventory and delivery of your products from China, and let Sidco World Wide take care of it for you.

Sidco provides a one-stop solution for supply chain and service management dealing with product out sourcing. Sidco is a complete outsourcing platform with joint procurement fulfillment that includes total quality assurance systems.

Furthering our leadership position in foreign factory quality control, Sidco has a dedicated staff focused on the quality of the design, quality of the material, quality of the production and quality of the final inspection.

The SIDCO Network

With operation in all major manufacturing bases in China, Sidco worldwide has 48 factories in 12 locations throughout China, with a network of over 200 factories. These factories are supported with the latest technology and dedicated teams of staff to meet your entire supply chain needs in the best production location throughout China.

 A Few of Our China Sourcing Clients

Walgreen's Sourcing From China
Target Sourcing From China
Wamart Sourcing From China
Amazon Sourcing From China
Disney Sourcing From China

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