The SIDCO Process

US companies for purchasing Chinese made products.  US source for buying products made in China.

Sidco Worldwide provides a one-stop solution for supply chain and service management dealing with product sourcing in China. Sidco is a complete sourcing platform with joint procurement fulfillment that includes total quality assurance systems. Our research and development with joint vendor inventory management, plus distribution provides a global logistics platform.

We manage all aspects of the supply chain so that our clients can focus on their own customers. We do so while maintaining the highest level of reputation with our clients as a leader in global consumer goods sourcing in China.

With dedicated teams of product specialist, we focus on each segment for our client to manage their entire supply chain. From production, to planning, to management, to quality assurance our expert documentation is a perfect logistics solution.

With operations in all major manufacturing bases in China, Sidco Worldwide has a network of over 4000+ factories in 12 locations throughout China. These factories are supported with the latest technology and dedicated teams of staff to meet your entire supply chain needs in the best production location throughout China.

One stop company for sourcing products from China

Documentary Processes

  • Quality Control Management of Raw Materials

  • Quality Control Management of Accessories

  • Quality Control Management of Finished Products

  • Quality Control Management of Packaging

  • Perform Necessary Testing Methods & Standards

Prototyping Processes

  • Prototype fabrication issued prior to PO

  • Once PO is issued, 2 production prototype are fabricate and issued for approval

Production Flow Management

  • Quality control of materials and accessories

  • Quality control of production process

  • Lab Testing

  • Pre-shipment quality inspections

Quality Feedback & Improvement

  • Customer Service keeps close contact with clients

  • Any feedback to be furnished to Quality Control

  • This system improves the standard of the product alongside the quality control of the production

Logistics & Distribution

  • Transport confirmed by sea, air

  • Customs clearance at ports of shipment & destination

  • Bonded warehouse service at China seaport

  • Shipping documents C.O, Form A, CIQ & other necessary documents

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